Modus Elections Software Systems

Our software system works with city and county election officials to help them simplify and save time coordinating all the moving parts they already manage to make sure an election runs smoothly, while maintaining their high level of quality. 


Polling Places

Formalize agreements

Remind polling locations of election dates 

Communicate delivery dates and facility expectations

Assemble polling place information in a single, accessible repository

Election Workers

Schedule workers

Provide interactive online training

Communicate via email, mail, or even text

Ensure shift coverage and party balance

Receive updates from workers through online portal 

Workers self-register for training 

Auto-calculate payroll


Manage equipment and supplies

Coordinate allocation of supplies

Track equipment chain of custody

Plan delivery schedules and checklists

Designed for Election Officials by Election Officials

Modus Elections Software is a product of InTech Software Solutions, which has been providing innovative business technology solutions since 1995. The founder of InTech Software Solutions received a call from the Director of Elections for a large metro county north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The county was responsible for coordinating 2,000+ election workers across 400+ polling locations. She started thinking, “There must be a better way than using spreadsheets and 3x5 note cards!” Having worked with Michael on projects for the City of Minneapolis, she reached out to see if there was a way to develop a power toolset to address these needs. 

That first phone call led to creating a consortium of election officials from small and large counties and cities across Minnesota. Over several months, the group documented election workflows and requirements for coordinating elections. Challenges and opportunities associated with each step were identified. The result was the creation of a set of software solutions designed by election officials to help save time managing each community’s individual election process. This suite of software was created more than 10 years ago and has been helping teams do more with less as election officials’ responsibilities continue to increase.


"It saves times, it saves resources, it makes it easier. I think most importantly you reduce the number of things you are going to overlook or have errors with because you have that all in one single spot."

Paul Linnell

Elections Manager, Anoka County, MN

"What I like best is your flexibility. If I have an issue, I can speak with a support person and talk through the problem quickly. Financially, we have saved staff time.  Our previous vendor required 4 FTEs to manage the process. With Modus, 1.5 FTEs do the same work more efficiently."

David Triplet

Elections Manager, Ramsey County, MN

"We used to spend multiple hours and multiple days with in-person training. I am not going back to that. You are making sure they are paying attention to that material. There is more accountability!"

Kristi White

Elections Supervisor, Sherburne County, MN

"I can send a letter in about 10 minutes to 500 judges. DONE. The value is absolutely worth it."

Cathy Sorenson

City Clerk, Blaine, MN

We are located in the Twin Cities with clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. Our clients love that the system is designed by city and county clerks to address their most pressing needs. We work closely with our clients, listen to ideas for improvements, and make it a priority to implement ongoing enhancements. 

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David Allen

David Allen 
Vice President of Customer Development


Modus Elections Software
Modus Elections Software is a product of InTech Software Solutions, Inc.